Winter Babywearing

  • Never use padded snow suits in a carrier, they are bulky and will mean baby is no longer carriers in an optimal position and can lead to unsafe positioning and slumping. They are also too warm for our climate, once you’ve added the carrier fabric and your body heat, baby will be kept pretty warm. Protect their extremities with extra socks/tights, a hat providing it won’t end up restricting babies airways and use either a special babywearing or oversized coat over both of you.
  • Consider your footwear if it’s icy – shoe grips like Yak Tracks are a great way to stay on your feet when the paths are slippy.
  • Ensure babies airways are clear – Don’t wear bulky jumpers or scarves that could obstruct babies face.

Summer Babywearing

  • Be aware of overheating, wear thin layers or even have baby in just a nappy.
  • Cooling aids such as a damp cloth between you and hand held fans can help keep you cool.
  • Ensure skin is protected from harmful UV rays  such as using sun hats and parasols.
  • Stay hydrated! Offer baby breast or other fluids regularly and don’t forget to drink plenty of water yourself.