Out of hours services

If you missed the sling library session or simply can’t make those dates/times then read on to find out what other services are available.

The Norwich sling library sessions are a great voluntary service we provide as we want to spread as much of our knowledge and expertise as possible. At each session there is at least one fully trained babywearing consultant along with the other trained volunteers. As much as we’d love to be in the position to give all our time voluntarily we do have to make a living at the same time so services outside of the voluntary sessions are charged for and prices are inline with those offering similar services across the country, reflecting our level of professional training.

Out of hours options

Doorstep collection (no charge): If you are confident using carriers and are happy to use one by yourself you can simply choose the carrier you’d like to borrow from our catalogue (please ensure it’s not already on hire) then contact me via email or our facebook page to arrange collection. I am located in Felmingham, just outside of North Walsham.

Before you can collect your carrier you must create an account with us and fill out your card details in the payment options section of your account. Please ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions, they are very important! We do our best to ensure carriers are in good condition with no damage but sometimes we miss things so thoroughly check over the carrier you hire and inform us within 24 hours if you notice anything otherwise you will be charged for any damage upon it’s return.

Hire is charged at £2.50 – £3.75 per week depending on carrier and you can either pay cash when you collect or I can charge the card on your account.

Collection with fitting (£5): If you know which carrier you’d like to borrow but want to have it fitted to ensure you are wearing it correctly and safely you can add a 15 minute fitting to your collection. As above, look through our sling catalogue and choose the carrier you’d like to borrow, set up your account and contact me to arrange collection.

1-2-1 Consultation (from £20): If you’re not sure which carrier will work for you or have complex needs then a private session will give you all the info you need. A 1-2-1 session with a trained baybwearing consultant will give you time to try several carriers and perfect the style you decide is right for you, ensuring you are comfortable and baby is safe. Check out the consultations page for more details then visit the shop to book.